Parachute Coconut Oil 1L

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Parachute Coconut oil 1L

  • Parachute is a market leader in its category and one of oldest brands, Parachute Coconut Oil today stands for purity and quality. Over the years, the brand has seen a lot of innovations in packaging, sizing and tamper-proofing. Parachute enjoys enormous loyalty in urban, semi-urban and rural
  • 100% Pure & Natural Unrefined Coconut oil suitable for cooking or baking and has many health benefits.
  • PURE FOR SURE PROMISE: This product has been made by using Non-Hydrogenated, Non-Deodorized, Non-Solvents which makes it Unrefined & Unbleached. It passes 27 quality tests and 5 stage purification process  for 100% purity every time.
  • It has a light coconut taste and scent which makes it a healthy alternative to butter or other cooking oils
  • It contains healthy medium chain fatty-acids and natural properties which keeps both brain and body healthy.
  • INGREDIENTS: It is made from the finest, natural, edible grade coconuts
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